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Timothy Bourgeois
(July 26, 1953 – December 9, 2019)

Today my dad would have been 67. He died last December from a heart attack in his sleep. Although we weren’t always on the best of terms, his death caught me by surprise. I miss his laugh and wish I could have visited with him one last time.

When my dad was in the room, he was the center of attention. He always made you feel like you were included in his group of personalities - mainly the comedian. He often quoted lines from the original movie Arthur because I think he mostly related to the main character played by Dudley Moore. As he grew older, his Cajun accent grew thicker and thicker. As much as I have always rejected being anything like him, I have now come to terms with our common traits. He wasn't all that bad after all. ;) I'll forever miss the chuckles, full out belly laughs he often had, and his elaborate stories. No matter how mad I would be at him, he could ALWAYS make me laugh. I knew he loved me, and I am pretty sure he knew I loved him. I just hope he's with me in spirit so he knows just how much I truly loved him.

Things he loved: Art, Music, Food, Laughing, and "Passin' a good time."


Picture of Voicemail from Dad