Picture of Monica's Home Office

Queen in Quarantine

When I first wrote on this page, we were barely a month in quarantine, and I was already at my wit’s end. I have since redesigned this page, because so much has happened in all this time standing still. Can you believe how many people are getting it and dying? I can, absolutely! First of all, people are getting it because they do whatever they want to do regardless of rules, laws, courtesy, ethics, or even --- just plain manners. People are definitely getting it. People are gross! WASH YOUR HANDS! Are people dying? Well, yeah - like 2.2% of the infected. What that means is that 97.8% survive it, right?

I’m still trying to figure out the panic, which I never understood to begin with. Honestly, the shutdown made me mad more than anything. From Day 1, I was already tired of hearing the same stuff over and over and over again where there’s no escape; like I was being oversold a concept. TV commercials, News, EVERY WEBSITE?? To all the Companies Online: Why do we need to know about how you are responding to COVID-19? None of your employees can give me coronavirus through my computer or over the phone. That’s simply not how a virus works! I know, I know.... it’s confusing because there are computer viruses. Rest assured, computer viruses do not transfer to animals or humans yet. Could you imagine? But seriously! Stop it!

I totally get that the coronavirus is a very serious pandemic crisis situation. Joel would remind me every day with news facts, stats, and videos from the web. (From the beginning to like a few days ago. – Not even kidding.) I HATE staying home and low-down, deeply loathe not being able to go where I want to go. Joel loves staying home so he’s fine and I run the errands. Fortunately, he has finally accepted that we will all be exposed to coronavirus eventually. There’s no cure or vaccine yet. But remember, the whole reason we were actually told to stay home was to “flatten the curve” not to avoid it or prevent getting it altogether. If you think you can avoid getting COVID-19, coronavirus, "the vid", or whatever you wanna call it, you either already had it or… welp, nope, I can’t think of another way. Again, there’s no cure or vaccine yet.

So anyway - while we are waiting to die in our homes, from COVID or boredom, I thought I’d amuse myself and anyone else who finds this page.

Music suggestion to set the mood --- because I am a theme-song dork

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#WTF?! (Shocking Misconceptions)

  • I save more money (not spend more money, like I thought) - I shop WAY more online at home than I did at any store when I worked in an office. Crazy, right?! FedEx/UPS/USPS delivers every day. Everyday, we laugh about this when the truck rolls up in our driveway. Looking over accounting, we actually save staying at home. Now you won’t believe what I’ve been buying (because I can’t believe it either lol) I’ll post some below. I’ve made a ton of ridiculous purchases.
  • Video Conferences are awkward.
  • Time off is just not relaxing because I’m still here… at home.
  • I can’t believe how much alcohol I continue to drink. Finally BevMo let me back in again, so that's good news! It definitely helps to break up the day with coffee or beer/wine/tequilla/vodka/whatever :D
  • When nail salons opened, I thought I'd be first in line - like I was for a haircut. I still haven’t gotten a pedicure! Don’t get me wrong, my toenails are maintained, painted, and callouses scrubbed. I just don’t have a problem doing this myself anymore. (I guess this is part of our savings?)
  • Whereas I used to be someone that wouldn't stop until a project was completed, I am no longer that person. Just plain apathy going on here. Projects lay everywhere and we start more. Whatevs
  • No matter how sprawled out this house may be, it's still a lot of togetherness.
  • Delivery and curb-side orders are encouraged, but all online stores still say, "Available for In-Store Purchase Only." How does this work? Are we still playing this game? While we are on this subject - I still can't find Lysol and most cleaning supplies and thermometers. Thankfully, I have these things for now but c'mon already!

Ridiculous Purchases

Trust me, I'm laughing at myself <3 These are all pretty bad, bored choices

I can make a margarita faster than you :D

I don't even drive a SUV!
This is always in my way.

Proudly displayed at my kitchen door.
Can't put it outside the front door hahaha

Still in the box.
I thought we would grill more than order.
Get out the drill for the grill hahaha?

Also, still in the box.
Maybe I thought the grill was dirty?
The design intrigued me.

Holy cow! These take 12 batteries!
No shakin', just grindin'
How did it find my plate without a light before?

To hide all of those pesky cords...
Look at all those cords!

Price Gouged on Amazon Prime for BEANS
I bought these for $7 (2X the price)
They charged $13 and delivered 6 wks later.
I already had beans.

Still in the box
It was an angry purchase.
Stop Barking, Patty!

And how many more dresses do I need? Apparently, the answer starts with 10. Where am I even going???